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Berühren der Rosenkönigin Überreichen des Jesuskindes Pilgermassen

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The numerous apparitions and visions of the seven seer girls of Heroldsbach (35 km north of Nuremberg) began on Oct. 9, 1949 with the green lucent sign “JSH” of Trinity above the birches.

J meant “Jahwe”, H “Hyos” (Greek: son) and S “Spiritus Sanctus”.

After this the Holy Virgin Mary appeared above the birches praying with folded hands. She wore white clothes, had red roses on her feet and a black rosary.

From the third apparition day on, the Mother of God carried the Jesus Child on her left arm.

Until Oct. 31, 1952 the Holy Virgin Mary appeared mainly with a blue dress and a golden crown. She insistently wished prayers, penitence and expiation.

From Jan. 13, 1950 on, the Mother of God left her place above the birches and came regularly to the seer children. They were allowed to touch her body and hands.

They could note her real presence combined with a fluent force. Furthermore they touched and carried the Jesus Child who later came also as boy, adult saviour, sacred heart, good shepherd and redeemer on the cross.

Many angels and saints appeared as well, first of them St. Joseph.

Special importance was transmitted through the seven saints with own missions: Pope Pius X (eucharist), brother Claus and Therese of Lisieux (humbleness), Maria Goretti and Aloysius (chastity), Antonius and Kreszentia Höß (against demonical affliction).

List of Saints from North/Nortwest-Europe appeared at Heroldsbach, acc. to protocol of Prof. Dr. Walz:
Ursula (princess of England, 3rd or 4th century), Patrick (385 England - 461 Ireland), Brigitta(e) from Kildare (453 - 525, Ireland), Fridolin (from Säckingen, * in Ireland 538), Kilian (640 Mullagh/Ireland - 689 Würzburg/Bavaria), Oda (* 725 in Brabant/Belgium, * 7th century in Scotland), (Alfred (King of England, 848-900) or German Alfred Delp (Anti-Nazi)), Edward (Kings of England: The Martyr, 963 - 978 or The Confessor, 1003 - 1066), Kanut IV (Knut, King of DK, * 1043), Ingeborg (* 1180 in DK, Daughter of Danish King), Josef (Belgium, 500 - 552, Martyr), Wido (Guido from Anderlecht/Belgium, † 1012), Hubert(us) (655 Toulouse - 727 Tervuren, Belgium, Bishop of Maastricht and Liège).

Heroldsbach had several significant visions and occurrences:
The sun miracle on Dec. 8, 1949 with 10.000 witnesses.
The crib visions on Christmas evening 1949 and 1951.
The mystic communion.
The dug mystic source of mercy.
The holy trinity process.
The special light effects (among them a sun/light wonder sawn by 70.000 pilgrims on Feb. 2, 1950 and a light wonder on Nov. 1, 1950 when The Holy Virgin Mary appeared to the praying pilgrims).

On the 9th day of the 9th appearance month, the Mother of God manifested her title for Heroldsbach as “Queen of Roses”, which shall mean queen of grace.

During and since the time of the apparitions many healings and new religious awakenings took place.

The mother of God appeared at Heroldsbach also with warnings of war which can be prevented by praying.

After long lasting discussions about the authenticity of the apparitions, on March 1, 1998 Heroldsbach was officially inaugurated by the Catholic Church as center of prayer. It is a center of reversion and new evangelization, directed by Augustinian Canons with Father Dietrich von Stockhausen. The future will show us which importance will have that center in the history of the Holy Church.

Heroldsbach is located in the Franconian part of Bavaria, the federal state of Germany where Pope Benedict XVI comes from.

In 2009 we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the apparitions with many activities.

See also the official website:

The pilgrims club of Heroldsbach has been existing since 1953 and campaigns for the authenticity of the apparitions and the build up and maintenance of the prayers’ place.

In the 70s the pilgrims’ home and the big pilgrimage church were built by the club. The acting president Christoph Langhojer represents the interests of the club in the foundation council. It is approved by the church, consisting also members of the catholic church.

If you want to be a member of the club please go to “Downloads”, “Mitgliedsantrag” and fill in your data. The minimum contribution amount is EUR 10,-/year. Bank account: Raiffeisenbank Heroldsbach (Post Code/ZIP 91336), account no. 49700, bank code 770 690 52, BIC/SWIFT Code: GENODEF1HOB, IBAN: DE17 7706 9052 0000 0497 00.

The club members trust the Mother of God who said goodbye with the words:
“I’m always here, although you can’t see me.”
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