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Kapelle und Podium zur Erscheinungszeit Podium mit seitlichen Glasdächern ca. 1970 Bau der Marienkirche ca. 1987
Kapelle und Podium zur Erscheinungszeit Podium mit seitlichen Glasdächern ca. 1970 Bau der Marienkirche ca. 1987

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10.09.1949 - 10.31.1952 Time of the Apparitions
Construction of the Chapel of Grace, the podium with the statue of the Queen of Roses and other altars.

04.01.1953 Foundation of the Pilgrim Association Heroldsbach e. V.
After the time of the apparitions, Norbert Langhojer became the representative of the pilgrim association and leaseholder of the central area of the apparition site.
First structural alterations: an extension of two small glass roofs on the right and on the left of the podium, providing weather protection for the prayerful. On-going further development saw the setting up of the ‘Mystical Way of the Cross’, of the ‘Altar of the Saints’, the ‘Altar of the Angels’, the large bronze statue of the Queen of Roses and the expansion of the ‘Fountain of Grace’.

The 70ies
Construction of the ‘Pilgrim's House’ on the edge of the apparition site, with kitchens, a hall, some dormitories and sanitary facilities for the pilgrims.

The 80iess
Construction of the glass church next to the chapel, initiated by Mrs. A. Biegansky, a long time leader of the communal prayers, on the then only plot of the sprawling apparition site, which the then owner Joseph Heilmann had put at the disposal of the pilgrims since the time of the first apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

Around the same time, the pilgrims’ association succeeded in purchasing another directly adjoining site to the central area of the apparition site. Upon this ground the Pilgrims’ Association, under guidance of its chairman, Norbert Langhojer, began to construct the Sanctuary Church from 1985 onwards.  Since the church was only funded from contributions and donations, the protracted completion of the interior required a period of up to 20 years. Initially the pilgrims sat on temporary folding benches and prayed in the shell of the church’s nave, while only the chancel was completed. With a lot of effort and many sacrifices, and against a lot of opposition the great work nevertheless took shape.

The then parish priest of Heroldsbach, Josef Kraus, became involved in initial discussions with the family ‘Heilmann/Eisen’ who owned the area of the ‘upper mountain’ leading up to an establishment of an ecclesiastically approved place of worship.
A newly appointed diocesan commission later took up further discussions in the rectory. The representative of the Pilgrims’ Association, Mr. Christoph Langhojer, also took part. After the clarification of modalities and detailed questions, both property owners agree to bring their respective properties into the Catholic Foundation "Gebetsstätte (Place of Prayer) Heroldsbach".

1st May 1998
Saw the official Founding of the "Gebetsstätte Heroldsbach" by the then Archbishop of Bamberg Dr. Karl Braun, together with the nomination of the Foundation Board with seven members. Director is Rev. Father Dietrich von Stockhausen, Brüder vom Gemeinsamen Leben, Augustiner Chorherren.  (Brothers of the Common Life - Augustinian Canons).

13th of May 1998
Inauguration of the Gebetsstätte Heroldsbach with both churches by Assistant Bishop Werner Radspieler.

1998 - 2008
Reconstruction and completion of the various buildings, with the help of subventions from the Archdiocese of Bamberg.
Construction of a Carpark undertaken by the Pilgrims’ Association.
Construction of the outside altar, in front of the podium. Special thanks is due at this point to the caretaker of the Gebetsstätte, Mr. Armin Büttner, for his outstanding efforts as well as to all the volunteers!

October 2008 - October 2009
In the 60ieth anniversary year, a petition by the Pilgrims Association for a resumption of the examination procedure to prove the supernatural character of the apparitions of Heroldsbach. Nearly 17,000 pilgrims supported this request with their signatures, which were forwarded to the Archbishop of Bamberg and the Holy Father in October of 2009.

2010 - 2011
Renovation of the "mystical Way of the Cross", as well as a redesign of the forecourt of the Sanctuary Church and erection of the new big bronze statue of St. Joseph commissioned by the pilgrims association.

Creation and erection of the new bronze Madonna of the Queen of Roses near the large metal cross in front of the exterior altar near the Chapel of the Rosary. Costs were borne by the pilgrims’ association.

Construction work near the birch grove, the site of the first apparition of Our Lady of Heroldsbach on 09.10.1949. Setting up of a granite pedestal for the installation of a venerable copper shrine with a statue of the Virgin Mary as Immaculate (Immaculate Conception, as she was seen for the first time by the then visionary children). Completion and inauguration in August on the Feast of the Assumption of our Lady by Father Dietrich von Stockhausen.

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